How to find out more about your family in WWI

How do you find out about your family and the First World War?

Don’t be daunted, it’s easier than it’s ever been.

With the WWI centenary upon on us, there is a lot of interest in family research. Many new websites and blogs have been set up which will really help guide your path.

A great place to start is the My Tommy’s War Blog Series. This series of informative articles is written by people who work at the National Archives. They write about their own family’s WWI stories and how they went about uncovering more details. They give a lot of good hints and tips along the way. See

The National Archive website as a whole has some of the best records for searching online. Of particular help are the British Army War Diaries from 1914-22, the medal index and the medal rolls. There is a link to all the most useful resources in this blog post

For details of any surviving service and pension records, have a look at

You can also watch the following video showing how can help you:

For details of war dead, graves and memorials, visit The Commonwealth War Graves Commission at

You’ll probably want to know extra details about who was living where and whether they were married. The Census details from 1911 can tell you a lot. You can search the Census records on and

Good luck! It can be very rewarding uncovering your family history

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